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ARPC commences research study on the evolving meaning of terrorism 

Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation has commenced a research study with the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School on the evolving experience and meaning of terrorism in Australia and internationally. The research study, the second in a series of ARPC/UQ thought leadership papers focused on terrorism, will research how formal definitions of terrorism might evolve over time as experience emerges with various forms of other extremist behaviour and civil unrest.

“Attacks such as mass shootings and knife attacks are occurring outside the extremism which underpinned the September 11 attacks in 2001,” said Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, who is leading the UQ research team on the project.

Dr Christopher Wallace, ARPC CEO, noted that while newer forms of attack and social unrest do not typically fit existing definitions of terrorism, they may still cause loss of life, disruption to business and society and financial losses and social unrest.

“ARPC’s strategic priorities include extending thought leadership and expertise and embracing and evolving to a changing market environment – priorities which underpin our support for research like this on terrorism trends,” Dr Wallace said.

The UQ Business School team on the research project comprises Professor Paula Jarzabkowski and research fellows Dr Corinne Unger and Dr Katie Meissner.


Media Inquiries:  Dr Christopher Wallace, ARPC Chief Executive              

P: +61 2 8223-6777 or [email protected]