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ARPC is a public financial corporation established by the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003 to administer the terrorism reinsurance scheme, providing primary insurers with reinsurance for commercial property and associated business interruption losses arising from a declared terrorist incident.

Our Vision

To be an effective provider of terrorism risk insurance that facilitates private participation, supports national resilience and reduces losses arising from catastrophic events caused by terrorism.


Our Mission

  • Provide confidence to the market, knowing that in the event of a terrorism incident, we will pay claims and deliver on our promise.
  • Support recovery following a terrorism incident.
  • Provide links between government and the private insurance market to enhance understanding of insurance risks associated with terrorism incidents.
  • Address a market gap and provide cover for terrorism insurance where it is not available form the private insurance market.
  • Lead international collaboration on terrorism risk insurance.
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The premium charged by ARPC is determined by Ministerial Direction and is set by postcode into three tiers according to population density.

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Risk Mitigation

A key ARPC strategic objective is to support and promote terrorism risk mitigation. We aim to do this through: development of thought leadership research and insights; events featuring experts; support for relevant programs run by other organisations as well as the development of our own initiatives. This section of ARPC’s website will act as a portal, which will grow over time.

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Threat Level

The National Terrorism Threat Advisory System is a scale of five levels to provide advice about the likelihood of an act of terrorism occurring in Australia:

Current threat level
A scale of five levels