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Underwriting Analyst Cyclone

Underwriting Analyst Cyclone

Level: ARPC 5-6

The purpose of this role is to assist the Underwriting team by:

  • Providing underwriting support services to all new and existing cedants of the cyclone pool, within ARPC’s established underwriting guidelines, authority levels and service standards (70% of role),
  • Provide assistance throughout the process of on-boarding new cyclone cedants,
  • Training potential cedants on reporting premium and claims via the PACE system; and
  • providing analysis, insights, continuous improvement initiatives and reporting (30% of role).

Key Accountabilities

Role model ARPC’s Values and Code of Conduct and Capabilities set out in ARPC’s Capability Framework

Administration of underwriting activities

  • Underwriting administration including processing and validation of incoming declarations within company underwriting rules and delegated levels of authority timely and efficient management of incoming and outgoing cedant contracts, agreements, and endorsements
  • Effective maintenance of system and underwriting data integrity
  • Appropriate management of aged debtors and compliance activities
  • Assist in the general administration of reinsurance arrangements.
  • Supports the management and reporting of technical PACE system issues to the PACE system owner

Monitor and review underwriting standards.

  • Contribute towards the accuracy and updating of underwriting and onboarding procedure manual.
  • Provide ongoing insights into the continuous improvement of underwriting procedures, manuals, and checklists to meet changing business needs and improve departmental efficiency and customer interactions while ensuring alignment with company guidelines and delegated levels of authority.

Provide high quality business analysis.

  • Support the Chief Underwriting Officer and Senior Underwriting Manager Cyclone in the provision of high-quality data analysis and research in relation to ARPC’s Cyclone underwriting portfolio.
  • Be the primary point of contact for actioning exception reports and resolving reporting anomalies within the Underwriting system (PACE)
  • Assist in the management of ARPC’s business intelligence reporting tools including the analysis and development of new reports and analytical systems and the management of ARPC’s data warehouse.
  • Perform user and systems-based testing for ARPC’s applications.

Departmental Reporting

  • Support the preparation of high-quality Underwriting reports which including value adding insights, including risks and other relevant insights.
  • Liaise with the actuarial team to provide reports from ARPC systems to meet business needs.
  • Liaise with the actuarial team to provide and ensure the accuracy of required data.
  • Provide input to other reports as required.

Provide advice and support as required.

  • Assist with managing incoming mail and handle basic enquiries and refer complex enquiries, including matters such as premium payments, administration requests, and enquiries regarding obligations under the Terrorism and Cyclone Insurance Act and the ARPC Agreement and coordinate responses from relevant ARPC managers.
  • Support the maintenance of complete and accurate records of cyclone reinsurance arrangements for all cedants.
    Risk management
  • Assist the Chief Underwriting Officer and Senior Underwriting Manager Cyclone protect ARPC’s risk exposure by ensuring cedant compliance with contractual obligations (e.g. quarterly submissions and follow up cedants with outstanding declarations or large variations


  • Gain knowledge and cross-skills in the Terrorism product as well as any new products ARPC may introduce and develop the proficiency to undertake the duties of the Underwriting Analyst Terrorism during periods of absence.
  • Train and cross-skill the Underwriting Analyst Terrorism in the core activities of the Underwriting Analyst Cyclone role to enable them to cover this role during periods of absence.

How to apply


Insurer customer logins to ARPC

Terrorism Insurer Portal (RISe)

RISe is ARPC’s Terrorism Reinsurance Pool (terrorism pool) insurer customer portal, which allows terrorism pool insurer customers to lodge their company information in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Cyclone Insurer Portal (PACE)

PACE is ARPC’s Cyclone Reinsurance Pool (cyclone pool) insurer customer portal, which allows cyclone pool insurer customers to lodge their company information in a secure and user-friendly environment.