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Risk Analyst

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Risk Analyst

Risk Analyst

Level: ARPC 5-6

The purpose of this role is to support ARPC and the Risk Team by assisting with incident management, enterprise risk management and any associated reporting as required.

Supporting staff members with operation of the incident management process, including updates to the incident management system:

  • Assist with the incident management process, including supporting stakeholders.
  • Support administration of the incident management system, including reporting.
  • Identify and follow up on rectification activities for risks and following incidents.

Assisting with risk-related reporting to internal and external stakeholders:

  • Support accurate and timely provision of risk and governance reporting for Management, Board, its Committees and other stakeholders, including data gathering and preparation for risk reporting and risk-related reports.
  • Coordinate reports for senior leadership, governance committees or to support external reporting.

Promoting and participating in the development and management of high-quality risk management practices

  • Monitor the data accuracy within ARPC’s Enterprise Risk Management system.
  • Support risk owners to ensure risks are captured and recorded in the risk management information system to ensure quality and accuracy of all risk records, and maintenance of risk registers.
  • Follow up the status of internal reviews, treatment plans and actions.
  • Support contract management of external risk-related providers.
  • Support project risk management.
  • Organise meetings and training sessions as required.
  • Support development, maintenance and review of risk management tools, policies, procedures, process documents.
  • Contribute to the development, enhancement and implementation of risk activities and a supportive risk culture.
  • Assist with the assessment and monitoring of operational risk across ARPC, including coverage of fraud risk.
  • Maintain knowledge of risk management developments and industry trends and its application to ARPC.


  • Support the continuous improvement of the agency’s risk, internal audit and fraud maturity.
  • Assist the Governance Team in the preparation of Board and Committee papers, and the Compliance Team in conducting compliance checks, as required.
  • Participate in ARPC corporate projects as and when opportunities arise.
  • Cooperate with auditors.
  • Contribute to a safe and secure office environment.
  • Contribute to team corporate strategy planning sessions.
  • Role model ARPC’s Values and Code of Conduct and capabilities set out in the ARPC’s Capability Framework

Contact: [email protected]


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