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Head of Technical Underwriting

Head of Technical Underwriting

Level: EL2

The purpose of this role is to serve as a technical authority in reinsurance underwriting of terrorism and cyclone risk with a primary responsibility on ensuring compliance with legislation and contract law requirements are met and technical assistance is provided to key stakeholders.

The role will represent ARPC to insurers and stakeholders in the external market and be a responsible knowledge expert, enhancing the capability of the Underwriting team and coordinating technical communiques with the insurance industry.

Key accountabilities

  • Role model ARPC’s Values and Code of Conduct and capabilities set out in ARPC’s Capability Framework

Leadership of reinsurance underwriting practices

  • Establish and maintain appropriate technical reinsurance policies, procedures, and processes.
  • Establish and maintain working practices which serve to provide assurance that ARPC will routinely comply with contractual, regulatory, and legislative requirements and obligations.
  • Identify risks in reinsurance policy frameworks and working practices and design and implement mitigation strategies.
  • Review and provide comment and input into analysis on risk, exposure, and loss (including for market standard databases) to be presented to stakeholders and in annual reports.

Education of internal and external stakeholders

  • Take a lead role in fostering stakeholder understanding of the relevant legislations for the Cyclone and Terrorism Reinsurance Pools.
  • Provide detailed assistance to stakeholders to promote their compliance with the Act and the ARPC Reinsurance Agreement.
  • Represent ARPC at industry forums including market presentations, government reports and drafting thought leadership articles.

Engagement with insurers and brokers

  • Establish and execute business plans which serve to maximize opportunities with insurers and brokers.
  • Direct and review the reinsurance broker contracts and service level agreements in consultation with Executive Manager Underwriting Terrorism and Underwriting Manager Cyclone

Advisory to ARPC teams for both Cyclone and Terrorism Reinsurance

  • Support and provide council to the CUO on obligations and requirements pertaining to the annual renewal of ARPC’s retrocession program where required.
  • Serve as the authoritative technical expert on legislative operations, the intersection and interrelation between legal definitions in contract law and function as the primary internal point of reference for all matters pertaining to these areas.
  • Support the CUO and CEO with responsibilities as secondary custodian of ARPC’s retrocession program, ensuring it fulfils ARPC’s requirements to protect against losses from a Declared Terrorist Incident (DTI).
  • Provide high level professional guidance and comprehensive technical information to the stakeholders in relation to reinsurance offered by ARPC.
  • Lead and assist with projects related to the cyclone and terrorism reinsurance including contract administration of suppliers to the Underwriting Department.


  • Champion risk culture values and a strong advocate for good customer outcomes.
  • Promote continuous improvement to ARPC’s products and services having regard to product assessments, IT solution and business efficiencies.
  • Identify, communicate, and solve issues within ARPC that arise in the administration of the TCI Act.
  • Participate in ARPC Corporate projects as and when opportunities arise.
  • Manage and maintain knowledge of underwriting, legislative and contract law changes, developments, and industry trends.
  • Draft Board papers on Underwriting matters and present at Board level as required. Develop and maintain a commercial understanding of the markets in which ARPC operates to contribute to short, medium, and long-term business planning and development.
  • Draft thought leadership articles on terrorism or cyclone issues for general market publication and presentation.
  • Identify issues and recommended methods to address issues to improve and grow the terrorism and cyclone reinsurance markets.
  • Champion the growth of the insurer customer base of the terrorism pool and cyclone pool by identifying and developing opportunities and directly interacting with the market.

Contact: [email protected]


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Terrorism Insurer Portal (RISe)

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Cyclone Insurer Portal (PACE)

PACE is ARPC’s Cyclone Reinsurance Pool (cyclone pool) insurer customer portal, which allows cyclone pool insurer customers to lodge their company information in a secure and user-friendly environment.