University of Queensland publishes research on extremist movements in Australia

7 December 2023

The University of Queensland has published a research paper on extremist movements in Australia.

Extremist Movements in Australia: A Study of Individual Ideology is the latest paper in a series of ARPC co-funded thought leadership papers by the University of Queensland.

This paper is a case study, and should be read as a companion to the two previous reports in the series:

  1. ‘Terrorism and violent protests: where do these disruptive events meet?’
  2. ‘Is the social legitimacy of protest in Australia in flux?’

This case study examines how a certain ideological movement was reported in the Australian media over a two-year period. Together, these reports explain that despite the blurred boundaries between some terrorist activities, extremist activities and other acts of civil violence, society’s responses to these activities can vary according to the perceived legitimacy of the underlying cause.

This case study is intended to prompt questions around how protest activities are legitimised or delegitimised by the media. How protest activities are framed by the media not only act as a proxy for public sentiment (albeit a decreasingly accurate one) but also influences public sentiment. This perceived legitimacy or illegitimacy has ramifications for legislation, policy changes and industry.

The lead author of the research paper is Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, with Dr Corinne Unger and Dr Katie Meissner.

The research paper can be viewed here.