RISe System Update

RISe System Update

ARPC has recently updated its RISe System in order to more effectively manage contact details and encourage cedants to keep them up to date.

From 20 September 2017, a new screen will appear when cedants login to RISe to submit their quarterly premiums. The screen will request confirmation of the cedant’s primary and secondary contact details. If the details in RISe are no longer valid, cedants will be required to update them.  

Cedants will be unable to progress to the next stage in RISe without having both a primary and secondary contact in the system.

These contacts will be company representatives who regularly submit premiums, receive ARPC’s newsletter and other relevant updates, for example, about changes to the ARPC scheme and updates to the Reinsurance Agreement.

The primary and secondary contacts are not designed to be at the senior management level.  Therefore,  please only nominate executives as a primary or secondary contact if they will be making submissions and logging into RISe on the company’s behalf.

If other employees within your organisation wish to subscribe to ARPC’s newsletter, which contains brief accounts of information issued to cedants, please contact us to arrange this separately.

This change to the RISe System is important for ARPC and our cedants as it allows for more effective, communication about issues of importance to our cedants..

The pictures below are similar to  the new RISe login screen that will appear from September 20.

If you have any questions or concerns please email enquiries@arpc.gov.au or phone (02) 8283 6777.


New RISe notification page


New RISe validation screen