Mr Tom Karp

Mr Tom Karp

BA (Hons), FIAA

Position: Part-time Member. Mr Karp has also been the Chair of ARPC’s Audit and Compliance Committee since 1 July 2015 and a member of the Committee since February 2014.

Term: 29 August 2008–28 August 2011, 29 August 2011–28 February 2012, 1 July 2012–30 June 2015, 1 July 2015–30 June 2016, 1 July-30 September 2016, 5 October 2016–4 October 2017

Mr Karp has been a member of ARPC since 29 August, 2008 (excluding the period 1 March 2012 to 30 June 2012), with his current term expiring on 05 October 2017.

Mr Karp is a member of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Professional Standards Committee and is a member of the Actuarial Standards Committee of the International Actuarial Association. Since December 2014, Mr Karp has been an independent external member of the Sustainability Committee of the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency. Mr Karp is also a member of the Professional Standards Councils which are independent statutory bodies with powers to approve Professional Standards Schemes for professional associations which, inter alia, limit the civil liability of the professional associations’ members.

In June 2008, Mr Karp retired as the Executive General Manager, Supervisory Support, at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Prior to joining APRA, Mr Karp was with the Insurance and Superannuation Commission for nine years and was heavily involved in establishing APRA and its initial infrastructure.